Get Up and Go diarys 2023

About Get Up & Go  

As “the world’s best loved transformational diary” these unique Get Up and Go publications represent a philosophy that works! 
The diary “that inspires and motivates” is jam packed with quotes and messages to inspire and motivate you, the reader, to ‘get up and go’ in life. 
Reflecting on words of encouragement, acceptance, kindness, generosity, compassion, forgiveness and love, and choosing to act accordingly – we can each alter the course of our day. 
Words are powerful tools and can be used to achieve the results that hopefully we all want to see in the world. 
We recommend using these diaries as a your own ‘personal empowerment tool’, to inspire you to design and create your ideal days, weeks, months and years of your life 
The Irish Get Up & Go Diary 2023 
Our signature ‘diary with a difference’- Beautifully illustrated. The Irish Get Up and Go Diary is created newly each year, to inspire, motivate, enlighten and encourage the reader to ‘get up and go’ every day, as you progress towards the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams in life. 
Paperback €12.00 
Casebound €17.50 
Get Up & Go Diary for Busy Women 2023 
This is a diary created by busy women for busy women. Have you ever met a woman who wasn’t busy? 
As Eileen, the author, says, “As a busy woman, what I need is ‘time in’ (as opposed to time out!), time to get present to what’s really important in my life and not let the busy-ness distract me from what matters”. 
The time taken to create, and read, this diary is just that – an opportunity to connect with what’s important, and to be inspired and encouraged by who you are, in the face of the challenges of your busy life. We all need time to reflect on, and appreciate, who we are, and all the good that we do. What is all the busyness for – if not to be happy in ourselves? 
Paperback €12.00 
Casebound €17.50 
Young Person’s Diary 2023 
These diaries are indeed ‘different’. 148 pages of inspiring quotes, motivational sayings and simple, cheerful and heart-warming messages, this is brim full of positivity and optimism. 
Affordably priced this is a quality product, artfully presented with unique illustrations and fun images. 
This is the perfect Christmas gift, that will guide the young reader through the challenges of 2023. 
Daily Guide to Health Wellbeing & Happiness 
In the spirit of Our Health is our Wealth (“well-th”) – we have created this Wellbeing guide in the same format as our ever popular diaries. 
It contains lots of inspiring quotes, beautiful images, and daily reminders of what it takes to keep us well – it’s not just about diet and exercise!! 
As always, we focus on the power of our words to keep us in good health, wellbeing and happiness; how we speak and listen, how we connect with others, how our relationship to self-care is vital and the importance of keeping a balanced perspective in life. 
And, yes there are some healthy recipes (and some treats) and pages where you can track your own diet, exercise and wellbeing goals. 
Gratitude Journal 
A beautiful, Case Bound, A5 journal where you can record those people and things in your life that you can be truly grateful for, encouraging you to keep a positive outlook, to keep smiling and to keep moving forward. With 152 pages, and sprinkled throughout with inspirational quotes on the wonders and benefits of gratitude, there is ample space and opportunity to reflect, as a daily practice, on what you appreciate about your life and, by writing it down, to affirm the benefits of being grateful, in all aspects of your life. 

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