10 day Kangen Water® trial 

We are delighted to offer a 10 day trial of our delicious water. There is no charge for the water but we do ask that you purchase a 5 litre PBA free Kangen Water®️ bag for €10 to transport the water and ensure it remains fresh. You are welcome to refill this daily if you wish, at no further cost. 
As Kangen Water® is negatively charged and hydrogen rich it should be consumed as fresh as possible and ideally directly from the tap. Therefore we can only enrol you in a water share if you are within commuting distance or passing our store at least every second day. After 48 hours the water loses its charge therefore you would not be getting real benefits from it after that. 

Your commitment to us 

To collect the water at least every second day 
To drink a min of 1.5/2 litres Kangen Water®️ per day and use the remainder for making tea or coffee 
You do not drink other waters or soft drinks while you are on the trial. Tap/bottled water or soft drinks add to the toxic load in the body so can negate the good effects of Kangen Water®️ 
If you adhere to this protocol in our experience you will have more energy and sleep better at the very least. 

We advise 

Avoid drinking Kangen Water®️ with your meals, 20 mins before or after is fine. 
Not to swallow prescription medication with Kangen Water®️. Again 20 mins before or after is absolutely fine. The machine also produces ph 7 water which is filtered but not ionised and it is advised to swollow prescription medication with this water. 
We will give you a sheet to complete daily to monitor how much you are drinking and to record how you are feeling. We can recommend some apps for your phone which are great to monitor your water intake and keep you on track. 
We look forward to chatting to you about this further in store. 

Our Satisfied Clients 

We are known for expert advice and exemplary service and every customer is offered a full satisfaction guarantee. 
"This may sound weird but I was actually praying for something to give me energy" 
Rita, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath 


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