It’s hard to remember life before we thought we would share some of the top benefits of owning a Kangen Water®️ ioniser in your home. 

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Plant care 
If you love your plants and fresh flowers. The pH 6 water is great for indoor plants and the pH 9.5 is amazing for cut flowers. Even roses will last for 2 weeks using 9.5 pH 
Cleaning Fruit & Vegetables 
We love soaking all our fruit & vegetables in 11.5ph water before we eat or cook them. 
The difference in the taste is amazing. Tomatoes in particular taste so sweet after soaking just like freshly grown organic tomatoes. 
11.5ph water is a natural emulsifier so it has the ability to remove oil based pesticides and fertilisers, which ordinary tap water won’t do. 
NB: Pesticides are deliberately oil based so they don’t wash off in the rain! 
Making amazing coffee. 
If you LOVE your coffee like we do 9.0ph water makes the most amazing coffee.  
All the bitterness is removed leaving a smooth delicious coffee. 
Making soups & smoothies or dips. 
We love cooking and making things from scratch and LOVE knowing that recipes that include water will be chemical free and taste fresh and crisp. 
Ever noticed how chemical tasting your smoothy is when it’s made on tap water? 
I always disliked the chemical taste of tap water but it’s a bit like stopping sugar in your coffee. Once you stop you really can’t go back! 
Cleaning windows & mirrors. 
Using pH 6 slightly acid water on windows and mirrors is fab. Just cold water, no detergent. They positively gleam in the sunshine. We never quite managed that with a standard window cleaner. The windows were always streaky in the sun shine! 
It's great in your car window washers too. No need for additives. 
Natural disinfectant & steriliser. 
The strong acidic 2.5pH water produced by adding a saline solution (salt & water) to the machine is the most amazing water. 
It is a natural disinfectant and sterilant and allows you to replace bleach, kitchen cleaners, mouthwash and hand sanitiser from the home. 
It’s just fantastic for cuts & bruises too and great to gargle for a sore throat. 
There really are some many uses, over 60 at the last count but these are our favourites. 
If you love the sound of any of this and would love to know more give us a call or drop in to the store Monday - Friday 11am - 6pm or weekends and evenings by appointment. 
We look forward to welcoming you. 
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