Here in Hydrate HQ, we LOVE to pamper our pets with Kangen water, after all don't they deserve the very best too?? 
When you bring your pets out and about to enjoy the outdoors, you should remember that they need water just like you, our beloved pets are a member of the family whose hydration cannot be overlooked. 
Just like us humans, animals need to drink plenty of water to replace their lost fluids during the day. 
Animals do not sweat, which makes it much more difficult for them to cool down as effectively as you do. If your pet is thirsty and does not have access to its own water, they may turn to puddles for a source of water. Instead of letting your cat or dog take a sip of dirty water, make sure to pack a bottle of Kangen Water® just for them. 
We always have so much fun with the "animal taste test" one thing we know for sure is children and animals tell it as it is :) 
We have some regular furry friends visit our store for the good stuff, we fill our bowls with fresh kangen water everyday and leave it outside, its super interesting to observe how many of the passing dogs drag their owners to the door so they can enjoy some fresh 9.5 💦 
Some tell-tale signs that your pet is not getting enough water include eyes that may be sunken into the head, lethargy, less energy than usual, dry gums in the mouth, and excessive elasticity of the skin. dehydration is animals and humans can lead to serious issues... 
How can you prevent dehydration in your furry friend? 
Offer plenty of clean water throughout the day in your pet's favourite bowl. Make sure the bowl is always clean. You should wash all feeding bowls two or three times a week and of course we recommend Kangen Water® for drinking (our furry friends experience the same amazing health benefits as we do) and for cleaning the bowls we recommend you hand wash with Strong Kangen Water® 
Experiment with shape and location of their water dishes. For instance, some animals are finicky about their whiskers touching the bowl, so perhaps a wider bowl would suit their needs better. Try placing the dish in a more accessible location to encourage more drinking. 
*Remember pets need water just like we do 
Kangen Water® is amazing to support optimal hydration for your pets, you can also use the various pH waters to create natural solutions for ailments, make your own natural flea and tick treatment, eliminate pet odours, AND make your own pet shampoo and MORE!! 
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